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Our Mission

To provide residents aged 60 and older, in Wayne County, PA, western Sullivan County, NY and adjacent areas, both the practical means and the social connections to live independently in their homes. 

Vision Statement

Growing Older Together (GOT) is a not-for-profit, member-based, organization
that fosters relationships across generations.


We provide timely services and information to facilitate the practical necessities of day-to-day living all while fostering connections to social, cultural, and educational opportunities.

We offer individuals the opportunity to share in the wisdom and knowledge that age brings.

We recognize that autonomy and independence enhance the quality of life.

We collaborate with area service agencies to support our members.

GOT's Origins

The Upper Delaware Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (UDUUF) responded to the health crises of two of its older members by providing such basic support as transportation, home-cooked meals, and social visits. As the months passed, this couple’s situation heightened their friends’ awareness of the vulnerabilities we face as we age.

Subsequently, the UDUUF hosted a series of readings and discussions about the realities and shortcomings of federal, state and local governmental programs to help us as we age. The Fellowship’s programs also explored some of the supplementary and alternative models devised by concerned citizens across the country. As the wider community expressed interest in this issue and a desire to create needed services for our own rural area, public meetings were held. These discussions led to brainstorming the services needed, compiling lists of services each individual could provide, investigation of a wide variety of existing services, and an exploration of the possibilities of implementing our own network of support.

Our Executive Director, Thomas Cambridge and new Board Members Heidi Finkelberg, Maryann Haberthur, Dennis Leavens, Jane Luchsinger, Carol Rocklin-Emerita, Ed Thomas, Michele Minor Wolf, Greta Knutzen, and Diane Yaddow, among others, are actively working to initiate a community effort to find solutions to the problems facing our aging population. As of March 2015, GOT was formed and officially began operating January 2017. GOT has adopted the innovative Village model to help older people remain in their homes and stay connected with their communities.

Click on each underlined name to read each board members' biography and learn more about them.

Diane Yaddow
Director of Volunteers

Ed Thomas - web

Ed Thomas
Vice President
Director - Membership 

Greta Knutzen

Maryann Haberthur


Colette Ballew


Amy Becker

Priscilla Maysonet


Heidi Finkelberg

James Lomax
James Lomax

Thomas Cambridge
Executive Director 

What is a Village?

A Village is a membership-driven organization whose volunteers serve an aging population by coordinating timely, one-stop access to services including transportation, social and educational activities, and other day-to-day needs such as grocery shopping, gardening, cleaning, simple home repairs and chores. These services enable individuals to remain in their homes and stay connected to their community as they age.

2 1/2 min. YouTube video explaining
"The Village Movement"